WP Automatic Plugin Free Download [v3.69.0]

WP Automatic Plugin is a popular WordPress plugin designed to automate content creation and publishing on WordPress websites. It allows you to automatically import content from various sources such as RSS feeds, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more, and publish it on your WordPress site.

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Some key features of the WP Automatic Plugin include:

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WP Automatic Plugin Free Download is WordPress auto blogging plugin, using of WP Automatic free download everyone can easily do auto blogging.

So it sounds good, right. Nowadays, a lot of bloggers affiliate marketers’ interest in auto-blogging. So in blogger, they are using the IFTTT website, but in WordPress, they are using plugin its name WordPress Automatic plugin. So if you want that plugin, then go to the codecanyon website and buy it for 30$. I completely agree with that price.

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This plugin worth this price. But all new bloggers do not afford that price, so the developer developed GPL (General Public Licence) files of WP Automatic Plugin Free Download plugin. So today we will provide you GPL version of WordPress Automatic plugin and complete installation guide with images.

Only one drawback in this file, this plugin won’t get the lauto update feature and premium support. Don’t worry about that we will update here every new updated GPL file when the company launched a new update.

WP Automatic Plugin Free Download [v3.69.0]

  1. Content Sources: The plugin supports importing content from a wide range of sources including RSS feeds, YouTube videos, social media platforms, and various other websites. You can set up multiple sources and configure how often the plugin should check for new content updates.
  2. Content Filtering and Spinning: WP Automatic Plugin provides options to filter and modify the imported content before publishing. You can include or exclude specific keywords, rewrite the content using spinning techniques, and add additional text or links to the content.
  3. Auto-Posting and Scheduling: The plugin enables you to automatically publish the imported content on your WordPress site. You can set up schedules to control when and how often the content should be published. It also supports custom post types, categories, and tags.
  4. Media Handling: In addition to text content, WP Automatic Plugin allows you to import and embed images, videos, and other media files from various sources. It can automatically set featured images, resize images, and handle video embedding.
  5. Affiliate Integration: The plugin provides integration with various affiliate networks, allowing you to automatically add affiliate links to imported content. This can help you monetize your website by earning commissions from affiliate marketing.
  6. Content Translation: WP Automatic Plugin offers integration with translation services, enabling you to automatically translate imported content into different languages. This can help you reach a wider audience by offering multilingual content.

WP Automatic Plugin Free Download Demo Link.

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https://bslots.net/WP Automatic Plugin Free Download v3.69.0 [100% Working]

It’s worth noting that while WP Automatic Plugin can automate content import and publishing, it’s important to use it responsibly and ensure that you have proper permissions and rights to import and publish content from external sources. Always review the plugin’s documentation, settings, and guidelines to understand how it works and customize it according to your needs.

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