Who discovered internet? | Who is the Father of Internet

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Today internet is used a lot. If you have a mobile or laptop or computer, then you must be using the internet for some work on it. Internet has become a necessity for us. We do our various types of work through the internet only. But do you know who discovered the internet or who is the father of internet? If you do not know, then by reading this article of ours, you can know that who discovered the Internet?

Who is the Father of Internet

The Internet is a huge network of networks. If we talk about the discovery of the Internet, then the Internet has not been discovered by only one person. Rather, many scientists, engineers and programmers have contributed in making the Internet. In today’s article – Who discovered Internet, you will get various types of information related to Internet very easily.

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Who discovered internet? | Who is the Father of Internet

What is Internet and who discovered the Internet?

The Internet , sometimes referred to simply as “the Net”, is a worldwide system of computer networks. The Internet is a global computer network that provides a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols. In today’s time, the Internet is a public, cooperative and self-sustaining facility. Internet is used by millions of people all over the world. People use the internet for their own purposes. E-commerce or online shopping has become one of the biggest uses of the Internet.

Origin of internet

Internet originated in the United States in the 1950s. When the Cold War was at its height and there was a great deal of tension between North America and the Soviet Union. Both had nuclear weapons and people lived in fear of long range surprise attacks. At that time the US realized that it needed a communication system that would not be affected by a Soviet nuclear attack. Computers at this time were large and expensive machines used exclusively by military scientists and university staff.

The Elliott/NRDC 401 Computer was one of the first electronic computers, developed in 1952 by the British electrical company Elliott Brothers, when machines of this type could measure over 4 meters in length and weigh over a ton.

Who discovered internet?

Internet was not invented by any one person. When networking technology first developed, many scientists and engineers brought their research together to form ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). Later creations of other inventions paved the way for the web as we know it today.


Lawrence Roberts was the chief scientist at ARPANET. He took the responsibility of developing the computer network. Paul Baran’s idea attracted Roberts, and he began working on building a distributed network.


An engineer whose work overlapped with the research of the ARPANET. In 1959 he joined the RAND Corporation, an American think tank, and was asked to research how the US Air Force could maintain control of its fleet in the event of a nuclear attack. In 1964, Baran proposed a communication network with no central command point. If one point is destroyed, all surviving points will still be able to communicate with each other. He called it a distributed network.


An American scientist who worked with Lawrence Roberts towards building a distributed network.


A British scientist who, at the same time as Roberts and Kleinrock, was developing similar techniques at the National Physical Laboratory at Middlesex University London.


American computer scientist who developed TCP/IP, the set of protocols that control how data moves through networks. This helped ARPANET evolve into the Internet we use today. Vint Cerf is credited with the first written use of the word ‘Internet’. Vint Cerf is called the Father of the Internet.

Inventor of DNS, the ‘Phone Book of the Internet’.


Creator of the World Wide Web who developed many of the principles we still use today, such as HTML, HTTP, URLs and web browsers.


Inventor of Mosaic, the first widely used web browser.

first use of computer network

In 1965, Lawrence Roberts made two different computers in different locations ‘talk’ to each other for the first time. This experimental link used a telephone line with an acoustically coupled modem, and transferred digital data using packets.

When the first packet-switching network was developed, Leonard Kleinrock was the first to use it to send messages. He used a computer at UCLA to send messages to a computer at Stanford. Kleinrock tried to type ‘login’ but the system crashed after the letters ‘L’ and ‘O’ appeared on the Stanford monitor.

A second attempt proved successful and more messages were exchanged between the two sites, and ARPANET was born.

What is the difference between WORLD WIDE WEB and INTERNET?

The terms ‘ World Wide Web ‘ (www) and ‘Internet’ are often confused. The Internet is the networking infrastructure that links devices together, while the World Wide Web is a way of accessing information via the Internet.

Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the idea of ​​the ‘web of information’ in 1989. It relied on ‘hyperlinks’ to link documents together. Written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), a hyperlink can point to any other HTML page or file that sits on top of the Internet.

In 1990, Berners-Lee developed the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and designed the Universal Resource Identifier (URI) system. HTTP is the language used to transmit HTML documents over the Internet, and URIs, also known as URLs , provide a unique address where pages can be easily found.

Berners-Lee also created a piece of software that could render HTML documents in an easy to read format. He named this ‘browser’ as ‘Worldwideweb’.


Hopefully, after reading this article of ours, you must have come to know how the internet was made and who discovered the internet or internet ka avishkar kisne kiya, we have told you the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet. Often we sometimes get confused between these two as to what they are different. We have also told you some information about when the computer network was used for the first time. Friends, if you have liked this article of ours – Who discovered the Internet, then do tell us and also share this article among as many people as possible.

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