Which is the cheapest phone of Apple 2023

Hello Friends Welcome Tech Vipin Today know Which is the cheapest phone of Apple 2023

Apple is currently becoming the first choice of every youth because Mobile or Laptop are the most expensive of the Apple company, because they have more features and security than Android, so every person wants to use Apple’s iPhone.

But because of the cost, not everyone can use it. That’s why people search about which is the cheapest phone of Apple so that they can buy the mobile if it is in their budget. Friends, if you also want to buy the cheapest phone of Apple or want to know about it.

So this article is going to be very important for you because in this I am going to tell you in detail about which is the cheapest iPhone in the world and which is the cheapest Apple mobile at present, so definitely read the post completely.

What are the cheapest Apple phones (New)

Friends, if you want to buy Apple ‘s latest technology mobile, in which all the features found in a new iPhone are available, then IPhone SE is the best mobile, which is the cheapest iPhone available from Apple.

Its base variant is available with 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM and 5G support is available in this mobile, which we get for around Rs.28990. So let’s know in detail about the specifications of this cheap mobile of Apple.

IPhone SE के Specifications

Friends, in this variant of iPhone, you get all the features that we need the most in a mobile. Important Specifications of iPhone SE

  • Supports 5G in iPhone SE.
  • IPhone SE gets 1624mAh battery
  • In iPhone SE you get 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM .
  • The 11.94 Cm (4.7 Inch) Retina HD display is available in the iPhone SE.
  • In iPhone SE, you get 12 MP rear and 7 MP front camera.
  • Fast and Wireless Charger is supported in iPhone SE.
  • The A13 Bionic Chip with 3rd Gen Neural Engine Processor is available in the iPhone SE.

Friends, the above features which are found in a new iPhone, you are going to get all those features in this mobile, which means that the basic requirement of your iPhone is going to be fulfilled. If you want to buy this phone, then you can buy it from Apple Store in the offline market and with the help of online e-commerce website.

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Which is the cheapest phone of Apple 2023

Which are the cheapest Apple phones (old)

Friends, if we talk about the cheapest Apple phone currently available, then it is APPLE iPhone 5 , whose price is around 12 thousand, this mobile was launched in 2012. But in the present time, this mobile is almost out of stock, so if you want to buy it, then you will have to do some hard work.

Apple IPhone 5 के Specifications

Friends, as we already told you that you are not going to get the latest technology in the iPhone 5, such as 5G Connectivity Support, Fast and Wireless Charging Technology and HD Display etc., but still you get Apple’s powerful operating system in it. So let’s know about the features available in iPhone 5.

  • IPhone 5 gets 4 inch IPS LCD.
  • IPhone 5 gets 8MP Rear and 1.2MP Front Camera.
  • IPhone 5 gets 1GB of RAM and 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of ROM.
  • Non-removable battery of 1440 MAH is available in iPhone 5.
  • IPhone 5 has 2G and 3G support.

Friends, these are some special features that are available in IPhone 5 , so let us now know about why Apple’s mobiles are so expensive.

Why are Apple phones expensive

Friends, this question must have come in your mind at some time or the other that why iPhones are so expensive, and what is the reason that despite being so expensive, people are fans of it and in today’s time everyone uses Apple phones. want to do So let’s know the main reasons why Apple is so expensive.

  1. Apple IOS Operating System: – Apple’s own processor is used in its mobile, whose security is of a very high level. Due to which your privacy is protected.
  2. Build Quality: – The build quality of Apple’s mobile is very high, because of this people like it a lot.
  3. Camera Quality:- IPhone photographers and videos are the first choice of people because the camera quality is very good in it.
  4. Marketing Costs:- Apple company spends a lot of money in marketing to make its products accessible to the people, due to which its products are also expensive.
  5. Resale Value: – Apple’s Resale Value is better than other mobile companies, because of this also Apple’s phones are very expensive.

Apart from the above reasons, there are many other reasons due to which Apple’s products are expensive, but these are the main reasons.


Where to get the cheapest iPhone?

If you want to buy the cheapest iPhone, then you are going to get it in the United States, apart from this, if you want to know where to get the cheapest iPhone in India, then you can get it at the cheapest time of sale on Flipkart.

Which is the most expensive Apple phone?

If you want to know about the costliest phone of Apple then it is Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition which costs around Rs 395 Crore. This mobile has been decorated with 24 carat gold.

Which is the cheapest iPhone in India?

Currently the cheapest iPhone in India is the iPhone SE which comes with latest technology and costs around Rs.28990.


Friends, I hope that what is the cheapest phone of Apple and how much is the cost of this mobile and its specification has been well understood, here we have given detailed information related to the cheapest phone of Apple.

If you have any questions related to Apple’s cheapest phone, then do tell us by commenting and if you liked the information, then definitely share it with your friends on social media.

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